Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reflections on Dr.Valle

I’ve personally always considered Dr.Valle’s hypothesis on the UFO phenomenon one of the most interesting in the area. However, I have some critiques that I think can further expand the debate.

First of all, if only 1% of all the UFO’s observed all around the world are “the real deal”, we are talking about a full scale invasion. Why would someone who lives in another planet or star system travel so far to do such a thing with the energy and economical implications it brings, it’s beyond me, but it must be a pretty good reason.

Unless, we are dealing with hyper-dimensional or extra-dimensional “beings” or “things”, which brings me to another point: they are incredibly superior to us in every scientific aspect, yet their “machines” look oddly the same about… 50 years ago.

Let’s face it, if we are talking about a civilization capable of opening dimensional doors trough some unknown physical mean, you’d expect their “ships” or “manifestations” to be pretty darn good, almost in the quasi-unreal realm… yet this is not the apparent case; most people report saucer-shaped ships with the occasional little gray occupant(s) or some sort of uber-nordic human clones. 

The whole deal seems strangely bizarre and much more complex than we can comprehend so far.

There is another possibility, that this whole phenomenon is part of a crypto-terrestrial civilization (see Mac Tonnies for more on this hypothesis) who’s always been here, sharing the planet with us and remain hidden from the public eye trough means of advanced scientific technology, possibly in the depths of our sea, since I think pretty much everything above sea-level has been explored or is being explored, even by advanced spy-satellites.

Going back to Dr.Valle, as a control system, his UFO’s don’t seem to have done much lately, lets face it; wars, famine, bigotry and pain… all are part of our lives and while the world is a much better place today than it ever was (yes guys, this is true and will debate it with anyone) we are far from being “psychologically shocked” or changed trough this so called system.

We could very well be dealing with travelers from the future, ourselves, coming back for some unknown reason trying to amend something, study their past or doing tourism… yet, they must have a very good system because there is very little (if none) evidence left and frankly, I don’t think that we could evolutionary make it that far as to look like a gray alien…

Are we dealing with an alien/extraterrestrial phenomenon, living things within our own planet… visitors from another dimension or just a massive psychological phenomenon?


More to come…




BLASe said...

cOne of the most awesome ones I saw flew to a point as far away as I could possibly see, came to a dead stop and right back in front of me faster than a blink and again to a dead stop. Therefor, I really don't think travel is a big problem no matter where they come from. Maybe the style of the ships they traveled in were so good there was little need for change, who knows.
People always very often say there is no evidence, but besides witnessing them on more than a few occasions, I have seen more evidence than not. Besides the hundreds of brave, highly decorated men and woman who worked for the military, Nato, etc. coming forward and speaking out, there are ancient paintings and much more. About those paintings, why would anyone from an ancient time put an obvious ufo in their painting? There are also the Nazca lines. Very interesting.

"Are we dealing with an alien/extraterrestrial phenomenon, living things within our own planet…"

Both, I believe. I also think we are going to get enlightened fairly soon. Thanks for this blog.

UFO's And The Star People

Lesley said...

I adore Dr. Vallee. The main reason is that he makes people think. To me that is what ufology is all about, thinking about different concepts. I am not one who really cares whether there are ever any true answers in my lifetime, some people don't like that about me. :-) I don't care, it is the journey and not the destination that matters.

Jon said...

You have a very nice website blase, I'll sure pass around it often and read some of the material you have there. I will try to give my input into some of the questions you've raised in your comment as soon as I can.


Jon said...

Personally, I feel like the little kid who went to see a movie and didnt understood the finale... to me, this has to have a logical explanation. It's a part of who i am, maybe the reason why I spent almost 8 years in college trying to get certain answers.

I don't think I'll be the one to find them... but maybe I can reach a satisfactory enough middle ground.