Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reflections on Dr.Valle

I’ve personally always considered Dr.Valle’s hypothesis on the UFO phenomenon one of the most interesting in the area. However, I have some critiques that I think can further expand the debate.

First of all, if only 1% of all the UFO’s observed all around the world are “the real deal”, we are talking about a full scale invasion. Why would someone who lives in another planet or star system travel so far to do such a thing with the energy and economical implications it brings, it’s beyond me, but it must be a pretty good reason.

Unless, we are dealing with hyper-dimensional or extra-dimensional “beings” or “things”, which brings me to another point: they are incredibly superior to us in every scientific aspect, yet their “machines” look oddly the same about… 50 years ago.

Let’s face it, if we are talking about a civilization capable of opening dimensional doors trough some unknown physical mean, you’d expect their “ships” or “manifestations” to be pretty darn good, almost in the quasi-unreal realm… yet this is not the apparent case; most people report saucer-shaped ships with the occasional little gray occupant(s) or some sort of uber-nordic human clones. 

The whole deal seems strangely bizarre and much more complex than we can comprehend so far.

There is another possibility, that this whole phenomenon is part of a crypto-terrestrial civilization (see Mac Tonnies for more on this hypothesis) who’s always been here, sharing the planet with us and remain hidden from the public eye trough means of advanced scientific technology, possibly in the depths of our sea, since I think pretty much everything above sea-level has been explored or is being explored, even by advanced spy-satellites.

Going back to Dr.Valle, as a control system, his UFO’s don’t seem to have done much lately, lets face it; wars, famine, bigotry and pain… all are part of our lives and while the world is a much better place today than it ever was (yes guys, this is true and will debate it with anyone) we are far from being “psychologically shocked” or changed trough this so called system.

We could very well be dealing with travelers from the future, ourselves, coming back for some unknown reason trying to amend something, study their past or doing tourism… yet, they must have a very good system because there is very little (if none) evidence left and frankly, I don’t think that we could evolutionary make it that far as to look like a gray alien…

Are we dealing with an alien/extraterrestrial phenomenon, living things within our own planet… visitors from another dimension or just a massive psychological phenomenon?


More to come…



Sunday, January 27, 2008

The US Presidential Race

Whether I like it or not, I have to pay close attention to the presidential race in the US. After all, whoever wins might very well have a big influence in world politics at least trough the next four years.


So here’s my two cents:


-         I would never identify myself as a democrat. However, in certain issues, I think pretty much like them. I think America needs a third way, because it’s obvious that a bipartisan atmosphere is not making everyone feel at home. That being said, it does not mean I am a republican fiend. I would define myself as republican, I am pretty conservative when it comes to politics… but there are some scary things on that field, I tell you.


-         Apparently, Obama is some sort of new messiah. Well, I guess I can put my neck on the line right now, but I think a mixed race president is capable of screwing things up as much as a woman president, or a white president... and don’t tell me most of the hype behind him and his candidacy is not about race, because then you’re obviously non-human.


-         It scares me to death to hear someone like Huckabee saying he believes the bible is the literal word of God. I repeat, the LITERAL word of God… if you have read your King James Bible lately, specially the Old Testament, there are some pretty nasty things there… and remember, this guy could have a keycard to the second biggest nuclear arsenal on the planet.


-         Mitt Romney is a Mormon… so? I think the president is entitled to his religious beliefs, as long as his religion does not interfere with his work (running the country for ALL the citizens, hell, even the illegal aliens) or he makes it a big deal. He said he was a Mormon, we all know that. Let’s move on.


-         I really like some of John Edwards’s ideas, his spirit and his “fighting for the little man” approach. He’s the most populist of all the runners but maybe the country needs someone who will look back at the middle class and down… instead of always answering to the Big Industrial-Military Complex.


-         Sorry, if I could, I’d never vote for McCain. I know he is a decent, moral fellow and works well with the democrats, but he looks like he’s going to die in office. Seriously…


-         Every time I hear Ron Paul talking, I can recognize some of the ideas I truly believe in. He’s hit the nail right on the head in many issues like the war on Iraq or the influences of economical powerhouses in Washington politics… but he’s too much of an oddball to be taken seriously; Ron Paul is his own worst enemy when he starts rambling about the Trilateral Commission and so on… would he ever get elected? You know the answer.


-         Hillary Clinton is the devil. She’s the most opportunistic, spinning doctor candidate I have ever had the chance to see. I liked his husband thou… too bad he can’t run again eh?


-         The rest of the bunch… I don’t know what to say, sorry if I didn’t mention your guy here… what I think is something very worth considering is how somewhat small sized countries like Spain, Belgium or Austria; manage to have free quality health-care and education for everybody while the US, the richest single country in the world has such a big problem… but hey, if your tax paying dollars are going to factories fabricating bombs and weaponry… why bother with research, fighting hunger and better health for all of your fellow citizens?


The good thing, like some American friend told me the other day, is that no matters who wins, he or she cannot possibly be worst than W. Bush and his conniving band of treacherous charlatans… enough said.